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My name is Aimoré Dias, I'm an Aviator who graduated from Helicenter International Academy, Tamiami Kendall - Florida U.S.A, specializing in IFRH - Instrument Flight Rules for Helicopters. 
I finished my Turbine Transition Course at HMC Helicopters in Miami in 2001, where I had the opportunity to do my internship and learn about emergency maneuvers on the Bell JetRanger-206, with Captain Jorge Gomes and that's how I spent my first hours of Turbine Aircraft in my flight log.
In 2004 I co-validated my Helicopter Commercial Pilot license at DAC - Department of Civil Aviation of Brazil, soon after I completed my IFRH course at Aeroclube de São Paulo and worked as an Executive Pilot in the city of São Paulo until 2009.
In 2010 I was invited by the company Lider Táxi Aéreo to fly the Bell 212 and Bell 412 Aircraft in Petrobras Onshore Oil Exploration - Bacia do Solimões  - Amazonas, I also had the opportunity to work for the company Senior Táxi Aéreo in the Offshore Oil exploration of Petrobras Pre-Sal - Bacia de Campos - São Paulo, where I had the pleasure of operating the AW-139 Helicopter.
At the moment I have beem working in the Aerospace Intelligence sector, focusing on Geotechnology, Agribusiness and Photovoltaics.
I am a Mentor in Unmanned Aviation projects, and I am in charge for two companies in Brazil, Hawk Geotrchnology and Nave Agrospace.

Welcome to my personal contact webpage, schedule an appointment through Google Meet and be surprised by the most disruptive technological innovations in the Aerospace, Agribusiness and Geotechnology sector.

欢迎访问我的个人联系网页,通过 Google Meet 安排约会,并为航空航天、农业综合企业和地质技术领域最具颠覆性的技术创新感到惊讶。

我的名字是 Aimoré Dias,我是一名商业直升机飞行员,毕业于美国佛罗里达州 Tamiami Kendall 的 Helicenter 国际学院。我于 2001 年在迈阿密的 HMC Helicopters 公司完成了涡轮过渡课程,在那里我有机会进行实习和与首席飞行员 Jorge Gomes 一起了解 Bell JetRanger-206 飞机,因此我将涡轮飞机的第一个小时放在了我的飞行手册中。
2004 年,我在圣保罗航空俱乐部完成 IFR 课程后不久,在巴西民航局验证了我的商业飞行员执照,并在圣保罗市担任执行飞行员直到 2009 年。
2010 年,我受 Lider Táxi Aéreo 公司的邀请,在巴西石油公司位于亚马孙州的陆上石油勘探公司驾驶 Bell 212 和 Bell 412 飞机,我也有机会在巴西石油公司的海上石油勘探公司驾驶 AW-139 飞机在圣保罗州。
目前,我在航空航天情报领域工作,我是旋翼航空的顾问和导师,我负责巴西的两家公司 Hawk Geotechnology 和 Nave Agrospace。

MIAMI + 305  515-8465        INFO@HAWKGEO.COM


BRASIL + 55  92-995175862     INFO@NAVEAGRO.SPACE

May    y o u    n o t    f o r g e t   t h e    i n f i n i t e    p o s s i b i l i t i e s    t h a t    a r e    b o r n    o f    f a i t h 
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