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In March 2018, the CEO of Hawk Geotechnology arrived in Brazil, bringing his international experience as an Aviator and entrepreneur of new technologies, in the VTOL Unmanned Aviation Sector, the following month, the first Hawk Geo Office was opened in the capital of Amazonas.

In the same year, he participated in the Drone Show Event in São Paulo as an exhibitor, and representative of China's VTOL aircraft manufacturer. As a pioneer in VTOL FIXED WING technology in South America, Hawk Geo has been operating in the Aerospace Intelligence sector, operating Unmanned Aircraft in the United States of America since 2013. In Brazil, the company has been developing aerial research in partnership with Universities and Government Organizations since 2017.

As a scientific innovation, and to support Hawk Geo in Software, in July twenty twenty, a Startup Nave Agro was founded in Piracicaba Valley, an Agrotech whose main objective is to disseminate knowledge, and create new solutions for Agribusiness. At the moment, Hawk Geotechnology, has been developing aerospace technologies, focused on the Agribusiness and Photovoltaic Sector.

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